Massage From - Vice President of India on CPR

Training in CPR can turn every Indian into a life savior- Vice President of India

Taking a note of the high number of deaths of Indians in cases of sudden cardiac arrest, Sri Venkaiah Naidu, the Honorable Vice President of India. He said that every citizen of India should be trained in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). For every one lakh person, India sees 4500 cases of cardiac arrest, while the USA has only 60-110. He was the chief guest of an event hosted by Swarna Bharat Trust in Vijayawada.

The Vice President made an appeal to the organized sector to impart CPR training to their employees. He took a note of existing norms in western countries, where students of High Schools are trained in CPR. He also insisted on the pressing need to bring out a legislation in order to make CPR mandatory in school education.

Vice president took a special note of the efforts of Indian resuscitation council(IRC) in developing in India specific guidelines. IRC is an initiative of Indian Society of Anesthesiologists and is chaired by DR.SSC Chakrarao. IRC has developed simple guidelines for primary delivery of CPR called Compression-only-Life Support (COLS) outside a hospital setting.  Until now, India has been following the norms developed by the American Heart Association(AHA). However, these guidelines have been developed keeping in mind the limited infrastructure, cultural constraints, availability of trained personnel, and the shortage of healthcare workers in India.

Sri Naidu also lauded the efforts of IRC in conducting extensive training in CPR, where thousands of Indian were trained in CPR with ”. On the occasion of World Restart A Heart Day (WRAH) on  23rd October, 1,75,000 people were trained in COLS by IRC under the guidance of Indian Society of Anesthesiologists.

The event was attended by doctors, citizens, and health activists. Vice President performed COLS himself on a mannequin.

Sri Naidu also released the practice manual and awarded certificates to the trainees as well.